With the aid of the Divine and greatly increasing the potential for your highest and deepest healing, A.U.R.A. (Angelic Universal Regressions Alchemy) Quantum Hypnosis Healing was developed by incorporating practices of “Quantum Alchemy” and “Angelic Energies” into “Quantum Hypnosis”- enhancing the success and benefits of Past/Future Life Regression healing and is a fundamental evolution of a more basic form of Quantum Hypnosis I started my healing practice doing years back, called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)- created by our beloved teacher, inquisitor, mentor, guide, guardian and sister, Dolores Cannon (who continues to guide us in the continuing evolution of Quantum Hypnosis). “Quantum Alchemy” is a term given to the practice of integrating the use of ancient and sacred alchemy symbols with energy work, commonly known as “Reiki”. It’s combined use creates a deeper connection to higher realms while performing these energetic healings and clearings. 

A.U.R.A. is a sister practice to the Energy Clearing technique I offer, called R.A.A.H. (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing), but with the additional information, guidance and clearing/healing the hypnosis journey profoundly illuminates.

The combination of the Sacred Alchemy Symbols and Angelic Energy Work create a bridge for you to connect to your Higher Self. QHHT, BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) and Hypnotherapy Practitioners that have received an A.U.R.A. Session are astonished at the difference they have felt because of the beginning energy work, in agreement that energy work is essential before any hypnosis technique. The clearing and shielding is paramount in ensuring a clear channel for the client, as well as the Practitioner – protecting them both while in the vulnerable Theta Brainwave state from any outside infringement that is non-organic to their highest good and timelines. This is the fundamental difference in other regression techniques. The key being, the energy work and shielding is done before your induction begins. Dolores Cannon, herself, has guided us to this evolution and necessity of practice that should be held sacredly, both for the client in session, as well as within each of us in our daily practice. 

Personally, the difference is profound, within my own daily living, let alone the with the results of my practice as an “In Service of Others Practitioner” focused in Quantum Hypnosis and High Vibrational Living. Its within each and every one of us to incorporate this knowledge and wisdom into ourselves, moving forward, so that we may stay clear and shine our light in sovereignty as we guide others.

If you are not able to clearly connect to your Higher Self to “quantum heal” or if a deeper connection is needed, we call on the assistance of Archangels, to get you to that point of clear-channeled connection and the healing of your mind, body and soul throughout the Dimensions.

Our Higher Self/Soul is truly God/Creator, at its highest level. It/They are the source of connection to this unlimited healing frequency where we are able to connect with, speak from and speak as our True Self, finding all the answers we are looking for. During an A.U.R.A. Session, if you are unable to clear-channel connect to your Higher Self, I’ll have the ability to channel through, on your behalf, the Quantum Healing Energy- the infinite love light from your Higher Self to your vessel, greatly aiding in the clarity of information and healing received. You’ll always receive the most appropriate and Divine healing for your highest good at the time of each and every session.

All sessions begin at 9pm, EST, and take as long as they take. Yes, that means journeying into the early morning hours, at times. “Time” shall not be of concern.

Due to the extension of time often needed to conduct each session as uniquely as they are meant to be, without limitation, I hold these sessions over 2 evenings, within 1 week apart. Two consecutive evenings is preferred.

A R.A.A.H. Energy Clearing is REQUIRED PRIOR to your scheduled A.U.R.A. Quantum Hypnosis Session.

On the first evening, we complete the PreInterview portion and the R.A.A.H. Energy Clearing. The second evening gives way to Quantum Hypnosis and concludes with the debriefing, to solidify any major themes, patterns and guidance received so that you may move forward at your highest awareness whilst you await your edited recording. 

Please ensure you book your sessions when you are unburdened by obligation the following day. Allow and intend for yourself gentleness and self love.

Post-session guidance will be provided.

Truly, there is no limit, as the Quantum Structure is EVERYTHING (as you are the God Particle) and works inter dimensionally to bring into clarity and balance all aspects of you.

However, due to the “healing” nature of the sessions, you may find it necessary or receive guidance to allow for periods of time between sessions to allow you to continue recalibrating, as well as to give “time” for certain timelines to play out before the next “layer” is ready for clearing.

It is very possible to utilize this form of Quantum Hypnosis for regular guidance as the clearing aspects hold you as a “clear channel” for information, allowing you to harness information at its highest purity to be utilized in many ways, such as related to personal work/purpose, book authoring & research, connection, guidance, downloads and activations from your Galactic Family, etc.

The only limit is that which you place upon yourself.

Personally, I work within the Quantum Structure on a very regular basis and have advanced myself in innumerable amounts that cannot even be articulated, as it is just so deep and profound.

I honor you and your journey. Everything that comes up shall remain protected. 

I shall never infringe upon your personal information or situations publicly, and would only use your lessons or experience as a teaching example with your consent, as I honor your sovereignty.

Your sessions are always recorded and will be supplied to you via a private drive, accessible only by you or whomever you share the drive’s link.

IMPORTANT: A R.A.A.H. Energy Clearing is REQUIRED within 1 week PRIOR to your scheduled A.U.R.A. Quantum Hypnosis Session. They will be booked separately, although they may be booked on 2 consecutive evenings.

You may connect with me directly, via phone, text or email to schedule a session if the live booking links are working improperly.

You may also contact me before you schedule a session to chat about your goals and feel into options moving forward.

I may be reached by phone or text at (313)404-0244 and by email at ethericdetroit@gmail.com.

A.U.R.A. Quantum Hypnosis Healing Sessions are suitable for all adults and teen-age individuals that are of “sound mind”, meaning not inhibited by any psychoactive or mood/awareness altering medications or “recreational drugs” and not beholden to the confusion of “mental illness”. If you are reaching out on behalf of someone in the above described conditions or for your younger children or partners/spouses/family members who are unable due to a condition (like illness, hospitalization, hospice, inability to lay for longer periods of time, etc.), you may sit in for them as a “surrogate.” A “surrogate” must receive an A.U.R.A. Session first, as if they were the client of focus, to ensure their clarity of channel and to bring forth appropriate information and healing for them before we continue on addressing the intended client, as permissible by the Higher Selves. “Surrogate” Sessions are not held within a single session, as it is performed on two separate individuals. 

Dare I say that if you’ve found me, you’re ready and it IS right for you, as you’ve followed your heart and your highest truths to me. 

You may feel, associated with your own self doubt or negative programming, that you “cannot be hypnotized” or “can’t go deep enough” to have a successful outcome to a session.

I’d like to bring it into your awareness that all hypnosis is self hypnosis and those beliefs are just that, beliefs…and beliefs change all the time. What changes beliefs? Something new coming into our awareness that resonates with your current frequency or vibration.

When you’re in a lowered vibration, you are resonating with beliefs that are associated with denser emotion, like self doubt, fear, guilt, shame, lack, anger and manipulation… all playing out in your reality as self-sabotage projected out into your surroundings and perceived by you from an egoic framework…using only mind-discernment and duality. In these states, it is very hard to perceive or experience what is TRULY there and has alway been. You just don’t have access to that “top shelf” toolkit.

When you are in  states of higher frequency or vibration, you’re using heart-discernment and are able to access that “top shelf” toolkit and solve those high vibration “problems” with high vibration “solutions”…feeling connected without “thinking” about it…following your internal compass. In these states, there is no self doubt. Everything flows freely as is intended.

You would not be the first person to think this and I have much experience with working with clients to move past these “blockages” both before and during  sessions.

Your Higher Self is you. You always know what you need and how to bring it forth on the deepest levels, so your sessions will always go PERFECTLY for you in that “now moment”…although it may go very differently than you expected.

The lesson here is release expectation and just allow in a state of wonder and surrender…as I do, as I approach each session with you…feeling into, “I wonder what will happen.” In session, you, too, can wonder…”I wonder if look up, what will I sense…I wonder if I look left, what will I see…I wonder if I look right, what will I know…I wonder if I look down, what will I feel?”

It really is that easy. You got this! And IF we run into a little blockage along the way, I’ll help clear the way and bridge the connection util you’re back in the field.

Your Universe is YOUR’S to play in. Truly, it is up to YOU which paths you take. 

You may get one session and fell like, “Wow, I got this…I’m good!”

You may get your first session and feel a fire of awareness lit under you propelling you further into your journey of remembrance…leading to further exploration in the quantum field, now, in awareness and intention.

You may have many challenges you face and feel clarity and relief from your first session and feel compelled to or be given higher guidance to continue with more clearings and further journeying…as technically, each session will peel back and clear a “layer,” exposing the next “layer” to be healed, in appropriate time.

Lean in as you feel to. It is my intention to assist you in not only clearing, activating and remembrance, but also in awareness of your sovereignty. To help you realize your true power and take it back. I’m not “doing my job” if you always need me. A “job” well done occurs when you’ve taken your own power into you and learn energy management and responsibility…carrying it forward and shining your light for SELF and all of HUMANITY.

All sessions are conducted from the comfort of your home- online, via Zoom Video Conferencing App, so that your session may be easily recorded.

You need only download the Zoom.us App prior to the session and click on the links I will provide to you at the appropriate time and the session will automatically start in the app. You will likely be placed in a “room” while you wait to be “admitted” to the meeting by me.

Beyond that, you need only to be comfortable and undisturbed, usually in your bed or on your couch, laying down.

A R.A.A.H. Energy Clearing is REQUIRED within 1 week PRIOR to your A.U.R.A. Quantum Hypnosis Session. 

Preparation guidance has been given by the Angelics, themselves and can be found in the link provided below. 

Please ensure that you begin the prep work at least 3 days PRIOR to your R.A.A.H. Energy Clearing Session, continuing until your scheduled A.U.R.A. Quantum Hypnosis Session – and intend to continue it for the recommended 13 days AFTER your A.U.R.A. Session, for the best outcomes possible.

Session Prep Guidance HERE.


Providing questions…or even having specific questions to be asked during a Quantum Hypnosis Session is expected, but not required by any means. In my experience, about 60% of clients come with specific questions. The rest come with a sense of curiosity and openness. We, of course, discuss much during the Pre-Interview, so we may uncover together topics that could be brought up for illumination. Many people mention that they started out thinking they had tons of questions and curiosities, but once they started trying to list them, they either became irrelevant or had answered themselves once brought up. There’s no right or wrong. Do what resonates with you!

Please do not add extra explanations or history – only questions, about five (5) or less per category (listed below). Do not include explanations or details about the questions. You will discuss them with me before your session. (Very basic example questions below. Feel free to get creative and ask freely about anything you would like to know). Anything redundant will be revised before the hypnosis portion of your session.

Here are some examples of questions or topics typically explored. Please organize your questions in this order:  

Life/Spiritual/Experiential questions (purpose in life, path, etc.):  

What is my purpose in life? Am I on the right path? I had something happen in my life… (Experience, dream, knowing, loss of time, etc.) What was it, and why did it happen?

Relationship questions:  

Is my spouse or relative my soul mate or part of my soul group? I have a difficult relationship with (my spouse, child, sibling)… Why is this and how can it be healed? Who do I have a soul contract with? Is this friend the right vibration for me? What can I do to spend time with others in environments that don’t resonate with me?

Career questions:  

I don’t like my job or what I’m studying in school – should I quit? What should I be doing instead? I’m thinking of starting my own business. Is that a good path for me? What will it take for me to live a life of abundance?

Family/Children/Pet/Partner related questions:

I have a family member or minor child with an illness. Can I do anything to help them? Is my pet part of my soul family? My pet has an illness. What is the cause? I’ve recently lost someone close to me. Can I connect with them?

Health related questions:  

Why do I have this pain, allergy or illness? Why can’t I lose weight? What type of foods are best for me? What should I avoid?

I like to ask this question: “What unlimited potential can we unlock or unblock today for your highest timeline.” Get ready for a quantum leap!

Be gentle to yourself. Start writing your “new book” accessible only by you.

Follow this Post-Session Guidance for 13 days for best and highest outcomes.

AND…start practicing, in AWARENESS, personal energy management and responsibility. You will receive some Sound & Symbol Alchemy Teachings after your sessions are completed to get you started.

Do keep in touch! I love to hear how the journey unfolds.

If you’d like to pass on a financial gift from your heart after you session, you may do so HERE.

In gratitude, I thank you for your part in my journey!