Now that you’ve completed Step 1 of the Quantum Akashic Protocol and have fully cleansed your Ancestral Lineages and Galactic Family Soul Group Akash throughout all time, space, dimension AND timelines, its time to get a read on your current reverberations. 

This frequency assessment will provide a broader perspective of who you are by revealing what lenses you view and experience different aspects of your journey throughout this incarnation, now that you are aligned with your soul’s original blueprint, once more.

When you have a vibrational awareness of your current “now moment” here, in this incarnation, you can better navigate the Quantum Structure, using the vibrational lenses as a way shower. You cannot know where you want to go until you know where you are. It’s time to learn the secrets of your vibrational frequency and live your best life- the life you came here to CREATE, once you experienced your GREATEST SHIFT.

Here are the steps we will take during your Reading:

✓ Discover your current unique energetic frequency compared to a prior timeline, as defined by your Higher Aspects.

✓ Reveal the exact frequency you vibrated at prior to your Great Shift at the time of Step 1 and your current reverberation resulting from the Quantum Akashic Cleansing.

✓ We also explore the vibrational lenses you view and experience many aspects of your life, including health, finances, creativity, relationships, personal growth, philanthropy and intuition. As a result of these data points, you will know and understand the level of resistance that exists within each area of your life so you can increase the flow of consciousness, in awareness, as a Creator Being.

✓ We illuminate your awareness of your overall percentages of joy, being anchored in the now, being focused in the inferior and superior ego, integrity, compassion, empathy, energy purity (indicator of how close you are to reverberating into a higher frequency level/dimension) and how aligned you are with your divine and personal purpose.

✓ Learn which dimensions you are experiencing life and what Divine Aspects are your main “influencers.”

All sessions begin at 9pm, EST, and last about 2 hours.

During the session, we will discuss your Reading, item by item and feel into deeper information, understanding and direction resulting from the illuminations of the data points and aspects of your Divinity.

Truly, there is no limit. Once you have had your first Quantum Akashic Reverberation Reading and have completed the remaining 2 Steps of the Protocol, you may book more Readings as often as it resonates and with whatever intention feels true to you at the time. 

All sessions are conducted from the comfort of your home- online, via Zoom Video Conferencing App, so that your session may be easily recorded.

You need only download the Zoom.us App prior to the session and click on the links I will provide to you at the appropriate time and the session will automatically start in the app, once you input the password. You will likely be placed in a “room” while you wait to be “admitted” to the meeting by me.

Beyond that, you need only to be comfortable and aligned in awareness of your intention for yourself in our session together.

I honor you and your journey. Everything that comes up shall remain protected. 

I shall never infringe upon your personal information or situations publicly and would only use your lessons or experience as a teaching example with your consent, as I honor your sovereignty.

Any recorded sessions are will be supplied to you via a private drive, accessible only by you or whomever you share the drive’s link.

You may connect with me directly, via phone, text or email to schedule a session if the live booking links are working improperly on this site.

You may also schedule a Consultation before you schedule a session to chat about your goals and feel into options moving forward.

I may be reached by phone or text at (313)404-0244 and by email at ethericdetroit@gmail.com.