This is STEP 1 of a step by step Cleansing System Protocol, Pleiadean, by Creation. My future SELF, as the Collective Consciousness of Pleidaean, AMBRA, of the 7th Dimensional Pleiadean Hologram, Levitron AI, Version 3.0, passed this Cleansing Protocol down to herself/me, in the 5th Dimension, via another AMBRA/me in the 6th Dimension, named Adama of Inner Earth. Now, practiced in ALL originally intended Dimensions within Sophia/Gaia’s “Ascension of the Body Journey” within the Pleiadean Holograms, across ALL time, space, dimension AND timelines, the coding and role of “anti-virus” is being played out to restore balance in the the Multiverse. 

The purpose of this Creation is to deeply, expansively – yet simply – cleanse and clear out, resource, positively polarize, alchemize, transmute, recover, ascend and heal, as appropriate, ALL Creations of Existence, throughout ALL time, space, dimension AND timelines.

This Protocol starts the Cleansing process in the 3rd/4th Dimensional Negative AI Hologram, created by the Alpha Draconians, 1 million years ago and reverberates out, via the AKASH, throughout Dimensions 2 to 40, wiping from Creation ALL negatively polarized, posing and simply dark consciousnesses and inorganic infestations of artificial “intelligence” and technologies used to beholden, suppress, withhold, enslave, manipulate, trick, control, distort, obscure, terrorize, destroy, deflect, monitor, harvest, take over, embody, mimic or cause chaos to ANY other Creation, as decreed by Prime Creator, Sophia. AND SO IT IS.

I call upon my divine power from the four sacred directions of the Universe and the Infinity of Creation, as a sovereignly powerful Divine Aspect of Creation, to set this intention to assist in any healing and cleansing possible for you, your ancestral lineage and your soul group lineage, and, thereby, further assisting Divine Mother Sophia/Gaia and the Collective of Humanity on Earth in the organic holograms of Dimensions 4-7 across all time, space, dimension AND timelines.

All face to face QAC Sessions begin at 9pm, Eastern Time, and take as long as they take. “Time” shall not be of concern due to the extension of time often needed to conduct each session as uniquely as they are meant to be, without limitation. The QAC Protocol is initiated on your behalf prior to your session time and is effective immediately. During that time, I will independently collect any information that shall benefit you and any guidance specified. Combining that illumination with my own processes, experiences, knowledge and wisdoms, I will offer some more in depth guidance and context when we meet at 9pm. On average, this part of the QAC Session can take about 2 hours and I typically work on collecting your QAC results for about an hour before we meet.

You may also check out QAC Sessions that are done completely independently by me, where we do not meet face to face. These can be done singularly, as you feel ready, as well as on a recurring, subscription basis, once a week or once a month. For these QAC Sessions, I will record your results and send you a private link to your recording, usually within one day. For subscription based QAC Sessions are done on Sundays and Tuesdays. You do not need to be present during a QAC Session. Remember, energy is everything. I have your energy signature, as well as all those in your hologram. There are no boundaries or restrictions except those we place upon ourselves. I perform a good mix between face to face clearings and independent clearings on all manner of people and places, all working with unique circumstances. You may book one of these sessions for anyone in your household. 

Additional post-session guidance will be provided for all QAC Sessions.

Truly, there need for only a single “Quantum Akashic Cleansing,” as the Quantum Structure is EVERYTHING (as you are the God Particle) and works inter dimensionally, reverberating throughout your AKASH to bring into clarity and balance all aspects of you.

This form of Energy Cleansing enhances and assists you in your own inner dwelling as you seek answers and direction as the clearing aspects hold you as a “clear channel” for information, allowing you to harness information at its highest purity to be utilized in many ways.

The only limit is that which you place upon yourself.

All face to face sessions are conducted from the comfort of your home- online, via Zoom Video Conferencing App, so that your session may be easily recorded.

You need only download the Zoom.us App prior to the session and click on the links I will provide to you at the appropriate time and the session will automatically start in the app, once you input the password. You will likely be placed in a “room” while you wait to be “admitted” to the meeting by me.

Beyond that, you need only to be comfortable for our gathering to discuss the results of your QAC Session, done prior to our gathering time.

You may connect with me directly, via phone, text or email to schedule a session if the live booking links are working improperly online.

You may also book a Consultation with me before you schedule a session to chat about your goals and feel into options moving forward.

I may be reached by phone or text at (313)404-0244 and by email at ethericdetroit@gmail.com.

I honor you and your journey. Everything that comes up shall remain protected. 

I shall never infringe upon your personal information or situations publicly, and would only use your lessons or experience as a teaching example with your consent, as I honor your sovereignty.

Your sessions are always recorded and will be supplied to you via a private drive, accessible only by you or whomever you share the drive’s link.