As my intention is to create and hold a space for our best and highest good – in perfect comfort & alignment for you at the time – I only work from the heart. The core of my process starts with an amazing healing modality (more accurately an advanced energetic technology) called Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy (A.U.R.A.), a fundamentally evolved version of its predecessor, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, “QHHT”, a hypnosis technique created by the late Dolores Cannon over 45 years ago.  My highest self really shines when I enhance the session with my own “unique to me” tool kit of intuitive resources and energy augmentation techniques.   
After a brief phone discussion at the time we confirm your first appointment, you’ll be given some really great tips and helpful instructions via email on how to make the most of your healing session. I will recommend that you utilize some great meditations leading up to your session helping you to relax quickly, so that you may more deeply and effectively access your “super-conscious”. These practices will forever be beneficial to you, should you chose to continue to utilize them. 
On the day of our session, we’ll hook up via an internet-based conferencing App, called Zoom, and chat a while. I’ll ask you to tell me about yourself and your life. This conversation will enable me to have all the context I can get to give you the best session possible. You never know what will come up while you’re in a deeply meditative (trance) state and I need to have as much back story as possible to know what questions to ask and directions to take for your best and highest good. Don’t worry – our relationship is confidential and from my heart, no judgement. I’m no stranger to this journey and being honest and self-aware is a huge and crucial step…and super courageous!! This part of the process alone will amp up your vibrations, and we’re just getting started. We can chat and chat till we get to whatever end you feel is right. It takes as long as it takes, but typically, can last about 1-2 hrs.  Yep, already a deeper and more committed experience than seeing a doctor, psychologist, social worker, therapist or psychiatrist… and way more casual, caring and personal. 
Once we’re all done with our chat, we’ll take a bathroom break before I have you get comfortable by laying back in your own bed or couch under a soft blanket to settle in for a fun journey. Next, I’ll cue up some soothing sounds and vibes while I perform a R.A.A.H. (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing) clearing on you. This part takes about 30 minutes. 
When you’re all relaxed, mushy and melty, I’ll begin your hypnotic session by guiding you with your eyes closed to visualize some natural images and then your “happy place” (this imagery will stick with you forever so that you may alway access it whenever you need to relax, de-stress or get a minute away). From your “happy place”, I’ll guide you up, up, up in a protective crystalline pyramid made of your own Source Love Light, where you’ll take the lead…  And now, we really get going on your journey! 
From this point, you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, ask anything and re-live or recall various past lives and experiences. You can even communicate with passed loved ones and spirit guides or guardian angels…truly, whatever is most appropriate for you at that moment and only what you know you can handle. Yes, you’ll know what you can handle…well, your “super-conscious” does, and it loves you so, so, so much- you will only experience things that are for your best and highest good – to help you get on track in this life, right now.
Amazingly, there is also a way to heal your minor children & mentally impaired/suppressed loved ones by proxy (you must be at least 16 yrs old and mentally clear with no use of psychiatric medications to be able to use this hypnosis technique – clear minds prevail). We can ask to speak with your child’s/loved one’s super-conscious and facilitate any knowing or healing that could be done on them, but through your body-mind consciousness. Sometimes, we can even heal your pets (although a lot of the time, your pets are part of your soul group and are choosing to take on things for you as part of their mission or experience and they’re to be released to let their experience be what it is – but you can still get answers and information about them).
Near the end of the hypnosis session, I’ll ask your super-conscious any questions that you may have brought with you and have it scan your body to remove any dis-ease, blockages, thought forms or entities (yes, entities…low vibrations can stick with you from life to life and you sometimes invite them into your body when you’re feeling low or having a hard time.) No worries, your super-conscious can do anything- and so easily – its miraculous…well, technically, YOU are miraculous. The self-healing comes as a result of recalling/reliving relevant moments of past lives & experiences to remember the lessons or “get the message” of that life. The hypnosis part of your session also takes as long as it takes, but without the express permission of your highest self, I will not go beyond 2 hours. And if you’re wondering – yes, you can take bathroom breaks! Your highest self always has your back and will definitely let me know if you gotta go.
Once we reach the end of the trance stage, I’ll gently bring you back “to earth” and hang out with you as long as it takes for you to get “grounded” again and utilize this time to go over whatever came up while in meditative trance and talk about any follow up care/instructions and suggestions I (or your super-conscious) have for you moving forward. I’ll also walk you through some simple grounding exercises that will always help you in the future. When you feel ready, our session is complete.
Afterward, I’ll send you a link to a private recording of your hypnosis session via YouTube, so that you may listen to it as often as you like and let the experience really sink in – or re-listen to it for clarification of instructions and guidance (the healing frequency of the Higher Self in the session is permanently available in the recording)…and you wouldn’t be the first to show it to friends and family with an enthusiastic, “You gotta see this!” I promise, it will be exciting, illuminating and mind-blowing, for both of us.
After our session is complete, making time to have a bite to eat is imperative. You’ll really need a good, warm meal to “ground” you (or at the very least, bring a snack).
And there you are. Ready with the answers you were looking for and a friend to guide you back on track when you’re unsure. Get ready for some big changes, seen and unseen, but definitely felt. Life is about to get really, really interesting and I’m excited to walk with you on your journey. 
There’s a ton of info and explanation on my site – for you to feel out, resonate with and satiate your ever critical ego-mind (the part of you that doesn’t want you to do this – because it will be a massive shift in your energy & consciousness). Don’t forget, your ego is illusionary and loves drama & excuses to keep you in a perceived victim/pain cycle. Knowledge and information lead to freedom and I’ve tried my best to step up and be as forth-coming as I can in this moment. Its time to empower yourself and tell your ego, “ok, I hear ya. I understand why you’d think that I shouldn’t do this, but I’m just not falling for that anymore…” and just let your heart guide you. 
Typically, our journey together begins with your first Quantum Hypnosis experience followed by Support Service Sessions and/or R.A.A.H. Clearings, as necessary and enjoyed. To book a session and to check out pricing and a description of follow up care and support services, please click on the  SUPPORT SERVICES button below. 
Need a more formal or “clinical” explanation of a Quantum Hypnosis session? Just click the button below and check out my FAQs page too.