Creator, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


I just LOVE my “job”! It truly is part of my Divine Purpose in this incarnation. As I continue to live in MY TRUTH, I continue to LIVE FROM THE HEART…and life is “easier” than you might think (however, not without challenge…).

It is of the utmost importance for consciousness to “awaken” here on Earth. Guiding as many people to this amazing modality as we can to facilitate release and elevate vibration is key. We ALL came here to assist and do “our part”… so let’s do it!

The journey just begins with a Quantum Hypnosis or Energy Clearing Session. As a former critic/cynic/analytic/over mentalizer/over emotionalizer, I know all too well how challenging it can be to implement the changes that need to be made to get you aligned with your highest and best. Your ego-mind is a tough nut to crack. There’s A LOT going on in there… Your subconscious mind is in definite need of some reframing and healing too.

It’s time for big and important change! And I know, as you will be told by your super-conscious, that you came here to have this experience and get these answers from yourself to make these changes and get on track. I also know that if you don’t focus on those changes, the problem will not only come back, they will escalate, because now you know better and your higher self will get you there no matter what – and sometimes, the way you get your own attention can be quite intense. Time is speeding up and you are here for a reason. It will ALWAYS be your choice how you move forward, but you are also ALWAYS being propelled in the direction you CHOSE before you incarnated…so I’m here to help you stay in correspondence with your highest timelines.

How do you navigate all this new information and clearer direction? Its one thing to intellectually understand concepts in psychology, energy and well being, but its a whole other challenge to remove blockages and change your limiting belief systems, habits, life style, relationships and life circumstances to make way for your highest self to shine.

I’ve pulled from my lifetime of common threads and skill sets to curate modalities that help you walk the walk…to elevate your frequencies and to help you incorporate your natural self into a new normal of what I like to call “high vibrational living”. There is no need to change everything in your life to do this because all you really need to do is  remove and release blockages and thought patterns that no longer serve you, so that you may change your perception of the people and world around you – rewriting the creation matrix from the inside out. Through co-creation, you will begin attracting only that which serves you and is for your best and highest good and for the best and highest for all those around you.

All sessions begin at 9pm, EST, and can be booked in hour long increments.

Most sessions are booked for an hour, but at times, you may feel you could use some more focused assistance or guidance. In those cases, you can book two sessions back to back.

Truly, there is no limit. Book a coaching session as often as it resonates and with whatever intention feels true to you at the time. 

I honor you and your journey. Everything that comes up shall remain protected. 

I shall never infringe upon your personal information or situations publicly, and would only use your lessons or experience as a teaching example with your consent, as I honor your sovereignty.

Your sessions are always recorded and will be supplied to you via a private drive, accessible only by you or whomever you share the drive’s link.

I’m here to support you and I will help you remember what you may have forgotten…to feed only the good and recognize that there is no “bad”. The “bad” is simply a catalyst for your evolution…a blessing. With gratitude, you can move forward embracing the dark, for without the dark, there can be no light – and the dark is where the soul grows.

Whether its casual or formal, random or regular, I’m here for you. I enjoy calling on my team of etheric support and dipping into my tool kit of resources and calling in healing Universal energy to assist in casual conversation, nutrition/dietary support, family/child support and even personal/energy/relationship/career coaching, guidance and counseling.

It really all has to do with everything – and it is whatever you need at the time.

You may also lean in to a coaching session prior to an Energy Clearing or Quantum Hypnosis Session to prepare for your highest outcomes. I find in my work that through seemingly casual conversation, much clearing takes place…so why not hang out a while and chat. You may pick my brain and my knowingness about ANYTHING! I love to wax consciousness, consciously.

Your Universe is YOUR’S to play in. Truly, it is up to YOU which paths you take. 

You may get one session and fell like, “Wow, I got this…I’m good!”

You may get your first session and feel a fire of awareness lit under you propelling you further into your journey of remembrance…leading to further exploration in the quantum field, now, in awareness and intention.

You may have many challenges you face and feel clarity and relief from your first session and feel compelled to or be given higher guidance to continue with more clearings and further journeying…as technically, each session will peel back and clear a “layer,” exposing the next “layer” to be healed, in appropriate time.

Lean in as you feel to. It is my intention to assist you in not only clearing, activating and remembrance, but also in awareness of your sovereignty. To help you realize your true power and take it back. I’m not “doing my job” if you always need me. A “job” well done occurs when you’ve taken your own power into you and learn energy management and responsibility…carrying it forward and shining your light for SELF and all of HUMANITY.

All sessions are conducted from the comfort of your home- online, via Zoom Video Conferencing App, so that your session may be easily recorded.

You need only download the App prior to the session and click on the links I will provide to you at the appropriate time and the session will automatically start in the app. You will likely be placed in a “room” while you wait to be “admitted” to the meeting by me.

Beyond that, you need only to be comfortable.

You may connect with me directly, via phone, text or email to schedule a session if the live booking links are working improperly.

You may also contact me before you schedule a session to chat about your goals and feel into options moving forward.

I may be reached by phone or text at (313)404-0244 and by email at